PSY 230                    Introduction to Psychology     |     3 hours
This course is the foundation course for advanced study in psychology.  PSY 230 introduces the principles of behavior and mental processes.  It emphasizes experimental investigation of learning, motivation, emotion, personality, development and psychology.

PSY 231                    History and Systems of Psychology     |     3 hours
This course provides a survey of the origin, development, and decline of each major school of psychology from the ancient period to modern times, giving attention to the social and intellectual milieu from which the new approaches to the scientific study of humans emerged.  Systematic points of view in psychology with a consideration of their historical origins and significance for modern theory will be studied during this course.   


PSY 232                    Child Psychology     |     3 hours
This course is designed to help students understand the mental, physical, social and emotional patterns of development of the child from birth to adolescence and his/her relations to their environment.

PSY 233Psychology of Learning     |     3 hours
This course introduces students to the principles of learning and how those principles can be used to modify human behavior. The course emphasizes the application of learning theories and principles to solve behavioral problems, as they exist in oneself, one's family, schools, the workplace, and in larger social, economic, and political groups. Topics include reinforcement, extinction, punishment, schedules of reinforcement, stimulus discrimination, prompting and fading, stimulus-response chaining, generalization, modeling, rule-governed behavior, problem-solving, cognitive therapy, feedback, Pavlov Ian conditioning, concept learning, general-case instruction, and stimulus equivalence.  Prerequisite:  PSY 230 or Junior/Senior Class Standing

PSY 311                    Junior Thesis Seminar     |     1 hour
This course allows students to integrate knowledge of facts and theories in the discipline and to apply this knowledge to a variety of situations and experiences.  Focus is on critical thinking and communication of ideas in the discipline as evidenced in both oral and written form.  Prerequisite:  PSY 230

PSY 330                    Research Methods in Psychology     |     3 hours
This course is an introduction to qualitative and quantitative research methods in psychology, including experimental, quasi-experimental, and correlation approaches. Students will learn to think critically about research, assessing threats to internal and external validity. Students will consider ethical issues in research and will learn to design and conduct research, including searching the literature, using SPSS to analyze data, and writing formal research reports using APA style.  Prerequisite:  PSY 230

PSY 331                    Psychology of the Aging     |     3 hours
This course is a study of behavioral, emotional, and social changes during the adult and elderly years.  The emphasis will be on biomedical, psychological, and social aspects of middle and late adulthood.  Prerequisite:  PSY 230 or Junior/Senior Class Standing

PSY 332                    Educational Psychology      |     3 hours

                                    This course is designed to provide a basis for understanding human behavior in cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills of individuals.  The purpose of the course is to aid the prospective teacher to understand the various theories of the teaching-learning process, and to help the student develop a philosophy and an approach to the process.  Prerequisite:  PSY 230 or Junior/Senior Class Standing 

PSY 333                    Adolescent Psychology      |     3 hours
This course includes an examination of the basic principles, concepts, theories and problems of human behavior and experience applied to the adolescent years.   It begins with the psychosexual development state of puberty and progresses through the physical, emotional and social development necessary to reach adulthood in terms of functioning as an emotionally mature adult.  Prerequisite:  PSY 230 or Junior/Senior Class Standing

PSY 334                    Abnormal Psychology     |     3 hours
This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the diagnosis, description, prognosis, course, cause, treatment, and prevalence rates of major psychological disorders.  The major psychological, biological, and socio-cultural models will be discussed. After this course, you should have a working understanding of these issues, as well as be able to apply them in real world situations.  Students will gain practical experience with diagnostic practice using case studies.  Prerequisite:  PSY 230 or Junior/Senior Class Standing

PSY 335                    Social Psychology     |     3 hours
This course is designed to evaluate how and why people influence each other.  The foundation for this course is the notion that people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect and is affected by the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of others.  This course emphasizes the interaction between the self and others, traditional experimental methods, and exemplary research in the fields of health, law, and business.  Prerequisite:  PSY 230 or Junior/Senior Class Standing

PSY 336                    Elementary Statistical Methods and Design      |     3 hours
This course is designed to develop the student’s ability to apply basic statistical methods to the design and analysis of experiments.  Subject areas include: descriptive statistics (e.g., mean, variance, standard deviation), simple probability, distributions (e.g., normal, F), simple correlation and regression, concepts of multiple regression.   Prerequisites:  Math 131, PSY 330.

PSY 337                    Psychology of Women      |     3 hours

                                    This course, designed for male and female students, focuses on the scientific study of the behavior of girls and women, and focuses on issues related to women’s lives and experiences.  Utilizing a developmental, as well as a topical approach, this course provides information about various facets of women’s lives.  Prerequisites:  PSY 230, PSY 335 and Junior/Senior Class Standing

PSY 338Psychology of the Black Experience     |     3 hours

                                    This course is a reading and activity intensive course designed for undergraduate students majoring in psychology and/or African American Studies. This course was designed to examine and introduce students to perspectives on the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of African descended people living in North America and to differentiate Black psychology from Western psychology by population, perspective and the nature of the discipline. Prerequisites:  PSY 230, PSY 335 and Junior/Senior Class Standing


PSY 339            Psychology of Film, Television and Media |     3 hours

                                    This course is designed to explore the ways in which various psychological concepts have been presented, examined, researched and discussed in film and television. Textbooks and journal articles may not adequately portray the symptoms of a mental illness, the dynamics within a group, or the steps involved in processes such as learning or remembering.  Contrarily, films and/or television shows usually allow viewers to observe human behavior and mental processes. Indeed, an entertaining film is often capable of illustrating even the most complex psychological concept; and allows students to see visual representations of various cultures, time periods, stages of development, and psychological states. Prerequisite: PSY 230 (PSY 335 recommended)

PSY 411                    Senior Thesis Seminar     |     1 hour
This course allows the student to develop an intensive investigative research study under close supervision.  Research culminates in a comprehensive senior thesis that the student presents.  Prerequisite:  PSY 311, PSY 330

PSY 430                    Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relations     |     3 hours
This course will include an intensive study of the interactions among individuals in various types of groups.  Observations and special emphasis on the dynamics of the groups to which class members belong will demonstrate some of the basic principles in the area.  This course will also address psychological counseling to help resolve interpersonal problems and manage crisis situations. Note: Students enrolled in Group dynamics are encouraged to complete a background check and fingerprinting.  Some agencies require it even for a one-time visit  Prerequisite:  PSY 230 or Junior/Senior Class Standing

PSY 431                    Experiential Learning     |     3 hours
This course offers supplementary instruction concurrent with experience in some field of work involving application of psychological perspectives to community life (maximum of 6 hours – 3 hours per time).  Prerequisite:  PSY 230 and permission of the instructor.

PSY 432                   Theory of Psychometric Instruments      |     3 hours

This course focuses on the theory of psychometric instruments and their use. Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of educational and psychologicalmeasurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. The field is primarily concerned with the study of differences between individuals and between groups of individuals. It involves two major research tasks, namely: (1) the construction of instruments and procedures for measurement; and (2) the development and refinement of theoretical approaches to measurement.  Prerequisites:  PSY 230, PSY 336

PSY 433                    Clinical Assessment     |     3 hours
This course is designed to focus on two major activities of clinical psychologists: assessment and clinical intervention (psychotherapy and program models).  This course also includes the functions, history, training, and ethics of the profession.  Prerequisite:  PSY 432


PSY 434                    Experimental Psychology     |     3 hours
This course focuses on scientific method and experimental techniques in psychology. Fundamental assumptions and principles of scientific observation and research design are discussed. Students learn a number of techniques specific to psychological research. Relevant ethical issues are addressed as students learn to interpret and evaluate research and to communicate research findings.  Prerequisites:  PSY 230, PSY 231, PSY 330

  PSY 435              Experimental Psychology Laboratory      |     1 hour
This course focuses on scientific method and experimental  techniques in psychology. Students will conduct a series of exercises and laboratory experiments, perform and interpret statistical analysis of data collected, and report experimental findings in standard technical format.  Prerequisites:  PSY 230, PSY 231, PSY 330

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